6 Benefits of Buying Handcrafted Products from ASAVI®

6 Benefits of Buying Handcrafted Products from ASAVI®

Many Indians have begun to seek ‘authenticity’ in food. They have switched their attention to not only to knowing what ‘authentic food’ is but also to realizing the importance of naturally grown foods with min or zero chemicals.

When there is an influx of brands in the Indian market, rushing for the label of ‘organic’, how does one identify which one is doing false advertising? How can anyone be sure while buying food whether it is ‘organically grown & manufactured’?

Gone are the days when companies did fancy advertising and people used to ‘believe’ in what they saw on the mobile or television screens. Everyone needs evidence! Evidence of the ‘purity’ of food they are buying for more than the average comparable price.

Let’s start a quest of knowing what exactly ‘natural food’ is-

  • Food that is grown without the use of harmful chemical substances.
  • Food that is loaded with important nutrients.
  • Food that is naturally cleaned without any chemical agents.
  • Food that is low in sugar.
  • Food that is heart healthy.
  • Food that is high in fiber.
  • Food that is low in triglycerides.
  • Food that is high in healthy fats.
  • Food that contains antioxidants.
  • Food that is good for your gut.
  • Food that is naturally delicious.
  • Food that is prepared/manufactured without getting overheated.

Food that is usually carefully HANDCRAFTED from the beginning to the end of its cycle.

 Asavi® was born with an idea of adhering to the standards of preparing ‘natural handcrafted’ foods.

Here are the six essential benefits when you buy anything from ASAVI®

  1. Asavi® believes in ‘Naturopathy’- sometimes referred to as ‘natural medicine’

Any body can purify itself and has the ability to increase the patient’s vital force. All the products of ASAVI® are 100% Natural Lab Tested Products.


  1. ASAVI® grows and procures naturally. It aims to reach you to answer all your questions.

Passionate producers know what went in to your food, they have answers to your questions a grocery store cannot. Experiencing the food you eat and knowing your farmer who cultivates it means, engaging in a magical cycle that keeps all of us alive.


  1. ASAVI® uses all traditional methods and equipment to prepare foods.

Sun drying is an integral part of its processes. It dries the products naturally, bringing a very interesting and unique flavour to all products. It also brings moisture content to a safe level preventing growth and reproduction of microbial proliferation. ASAVI® grinds all its produce with natural stones and woods. It rarely uses machines rather prefers hands for crafting them to retain their original state. These aged old methods prevent products from getting overheated, imparts oil, flavour and aroma in addition to saving all nutrition in the products.


  1. ASAVI® uses no colors, enhancers, aroma, preservatives, binders, additives in any of its products. Each product is created with full spirit!

Cosmetic beautification is avoided in all products and are left in ‘as-it-is’ condition. Each product takes hours to get dispatch ready because it is an expression of our creative spirit. When ASAVI® produces something for you, it leaves a part of itself in it. Its craftsmanship find its way into the very fiber of that product. 


  1. ASAVI® brings back the tradition of practicing natural farming and natural food preparation.

In traditional India, the entire agriculture was practiced using organic techniques, where the fertilizers, pesticides, etc., were obtained from plant and animal products. The cow not only provided milk, but also provided bullocks for farming and dung which was used as fertilizers. Post 1960s, the Green Revolution started in which hybrid seeds, chemical fertilizers were introduced.


  1. ASAVI® has a skilled workforce which is not found on LinkedIn!

It employs people from the remote pockets of India who were left abandoned after the era of high technology revolution. Not only they are paid, but also their skills are showcased in many traditional fairs of India. When you buy anything from ASAVI® you support our skills and help us pass those skills to our next generation.   


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