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Handcrafted Spiced Jaggery

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One of the finest sugarcane varieties of India is naturally grown and harvested in Uttar Pradesh. No chemicals or cleaning agents in the entire production process. Jaggery is prepared slowly in iron pots in small batches with no additives, colors, sulphur or preservatives.  


The usual Jaggery undergoes rigorous industrial processes, such as treatment with sulphur and other dangerous chemical agents, due to which it is highly adulterated and the nutritional value is lost. Asavi's Jaggery is 100% farm made and is prepared using all traditional methods just like the good golden days when juice was cleaned naturally using plants coagulants. This product is slightly spiced with stone grounded Fennel, Ginger and Sesame to give you a uniquely delicious flavor of the 'Sweet Superfood of India'. 


Jaggery can be directly consumed just as a sweet dish after or with meals. It is best tasted when slightly heated and consumed with 'Chaach/Lassi', un-sweetened tea/coffee or Makka Roti and Sarso Saag. People with sweet tooth consume it everyday with every meal. 


This product can be easily stored for up to 12 months from the date of manufacturing in an airtight container at ambient temperatures. 


It takes longer to digest this sugar substitute and does not release energy as quickly as refined sugar making it easier on the body. Jaggery contains more nutrients than refined sugar because of its molasses content. It also contains small amounts of vitamin B and minerals, including calcium, zinc, phosphorus and copper.  


Frequently asked questions-


Q1- Do you put any color or chemicals in this Jaggery?

A1- No. There is no color, chemicals added in this product. The whole process from farming to packaging is 100% natural.


Q2- Why we notice different colors of Jaggery on any retail self?

A2- There are many varieties of sugarcanes used to prepare Jaggery in India. Some lead to lighter shades of Jaggery and some make Jaggery darker. There is slight possibility that the lighter shade Jaggery is not artificially colored. But to make Jaggery attractive, most of the industrial units use artificial agents to beautify it. 

The best variety of sugarcane of India is grown in Uttar Pradesh which Asavi crushes to prepare a 100% natural farm made Jaggery for you. It is left as-it-is to give you an honest appearance and flavor of it.  

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