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Handcrafted Natural Hathras Hing (Asafoetida)

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Asafoetida- health properties of which far outnumber its' pungent flavor. Adding a pinch of it to your meals, does more magic than anything else can do to your food. A 'non- compounded form' of Hing in its most natural form handcrafted without adding any color, binder etc.


A plant which needs four years to give its yield. YES! Four years! And the harvest of this plant is so difficult that it has been often called the 'Devil's Dung'. Mostly, Hing is adulterated with Maize cob, Chalk dust, Flours or Clay making it cheaper than the 'Original/Natural Hing'. ASAVI's Hing is nothing but the 'Purest Form of Hing' you can have. 


Powdered non-compounded Asafoetida/Hing


Asafoetida is used mostly in Indian cooking, in which the strong onion-garlic flavor enhances many dishes. It is also used to make several spice blends for various cooking purposes. 


This is the 'Purest form of Hing' therefore one should keep in an airtight container at all times. Its sulfurous odour can effect other spices/foods if kept open. 


Asafoetida is known as an antidote for upset stomach and is also prescribed for respiratory conditions like asthma, bronchitis and whooping cough. It is also mixed with ghee and rice and served to women after childbirth to prevent the child from getting colic. The powdered form mixed with water relieves headaches, bowel syndrome, migraines.   


Frequently asked questions-

Q1- Which variety is this Hing?

A1- This Hing is Red/Lal/Bhoori Hing. 


Q2- Why ASAVI Hing is costlier than other Hing available in market?

A2- Mostly Hing is adulterated (which is often called compounded Hing) to make it 'Cheaper' and 'Weak in Odour'. ASAVI believes in keeping the natural state/form of all foods and supplies all products in their 'purest Form'.