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Stone Grounded Lakadong Turmeric Powder

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Sustainably grown in Lakadong, Meghalaya, this product is naturally dried and stone grounded in small batches. No machines are involved in the entire production process. This organic turmeric powder is 100% natural with no additives, colors or binders. 


Stone Grounded Lakadong Turmeric Powder has the highest curcumin content and is considered to be the best variety in the world. It is one of those rare plants, rhizomes of which if planted anywhere else in the world, the curcumin content would drop drastically. This turmeric is often called the 'Indian Saffron' or the 'Golden Spice'. You can get this authentic and Original Turmeric Powder from this store. 


Powdered Lakadong Turmeric.


It is widely used in many meals around the globe. It can also be consumed with warm milk at night before bed. 


This organic turmeric powder can be easily stored for up to 12 months from the date of manufacturing in an airtight container at ambient temperatures. 


It has often been used in Ayurvedic Medicines to treat inflammatory conditions, skin diseases, wounds, digestive ailments and liver conditions. The 'Curcumin Longa' aka 'Curcumin' (natural chemical compound in the plant) has shown positive and very interesting results in cancer treatments.  


Frequently asked questions-

Q1- Lakadong Turmeric is a product of Meghalaya? Do you grow it in Uttar Pradesh?

A1- No. Lakadong Turmeric is specifically grown in Jaintia Hills in Meghalaya. If grown anywhere else, the curcumin level of this turmeric drastically declines. Hence, we manage the production of this variety in Meghalaya at a small farm. Once harvested, it is brought to our unit in Uttar Pradesh. It is then sun dried and stone grounded for hours by raw/natural stones. 


Q2- Do you put any color etc in turmeric? The color of this turmeric is very different from usual turmeric.

A2- No. There is no color, chemicals added in this product. The whole process from farming to packaging is 100% natural. This variety is darker in color, because of the niche soil of Meghalaya and curcumin content which is the highest in the world.