Training at and with ASAVI

Asavi has successfully created training model especially for rural farming communities which encourages participating in sharing knowledge and measuring the benefits of farmers. The model works on three core areas- 'shared responsibility, shared knowledge and shared results'. Capacity building of farmers and extension workers through training on agricultural and nutrition-related topics is one of the ways to improvements in agricultural productivity.

Specific focus is given on crop production, plant protection, soil health, fertility management, integrated farming, bio control of pests and diseases, management of problematic soils etc. As a result of this training, farmers start reading pesticide labels, wear personal protective equipment, and store crop protection products safely. They are able to identify beneficial insects, and determine when and when not to spray their crops. Farmers are using crop protection products responsibly to maximize their benefits and protect the environment. The SEEDBED Farm is a unique offering by ASAVI which provides new age farmers a small plot/area, access to tools and infrastructure as well as technical assistance from our farm manager and an opportunity to work alongside other farmers. The success factor here is to deliver the knowledge in a simple and attractive manner to engage farmers’ attention and make them retain key messages.