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Handcrafted Stevia Powder

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A non-nutritive sweetener which has zero sugars. Stevia is used as a healthful alternative to added sugar in many meals and beverages. The stevia plant is sustainably grown, sun dried and then handcrafted to prepare powder. 


There is a big difference between stevia one buys at the grocery store and the stevia one may grow at home. Stevia products found on grocery store shelves, don’t contain whole stevia leaf. They’re made from a highly refined stevia leaf extract called rebaudioside A (Reb-A). In fact, many stevia products have very little stevia in them at all. Reb-A is about 200 times sweeter than table sugar.

Asavi's stevia powder is prepared from whole stevia leaf and NO additives, colors, erythritol (a sugar alcohol) and dextrose (glucose) are blended. It is a 100% natural product prepared at farms of Asavi. 


It is one of the best alternatives of sugar available for any food or drink item. It is also used for making traditional smoothies, custards and lemonade. 


This product can be easily stored for up to 24 months in an airtight container at ambient temperatures.  


It significantly lowers the insulin and glucose levels, may help manage cholesterol. A glycoside called stevioside found in stevia plants helps boost cancer cell death in a human breast cancer line. Stevioside may also help decrease some mitochondrial pathways that help cancer grow.   


Frequently asked questions-

Q1- Does it have color/chemicals added? 

A1- There is no artificial color/chemical added to this product. It is a 100% natural farm made product.    


Q2- What is 'handcrafted' in stevia powder?

A2- Sustainably grown stevia is harvested and washed. It is then shade dried, crushed and transformed into powder form manually. There is no machine used in the entire production process. 

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