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Stone Grounded Barley Flour

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The sustainable Barley/Jau is grown in Uttar Pradesh. When harvested, grains are sun dried and stone grounded in small batches. It has no chemical, additives, color or aroma.


Barley is believed to have better nutritional profile than any other grain. This product is grinded by natural stones and is single filtered to retain its nutrition content and fiber. 

P.S- We often start preparing this product after we receive order so that you get fresh flour every time you order. It also sustains more on your kitchen shelves.


Barley Flour


Widely used in making Chapati, Breads across the globe. Products made from the best Barley Flour have chewy consistency and slightly nutty flavor. It is also used in making grits and flakes. It is the main ingredient in brewing beers and making alcoholic beverages. 


Barley flour can easily be stored for up to 3 months in an airtight container at ambient temperatures. 


Barley is loaded with antioxidants which can lower the risk of cancer. Because of its high fiber content (beta glucan), it promotes fullness curbing appetite and losing weight. It improves digestion, prevents gallstone, lowers cholesterol, protects against diabetes and helps in improving heart health.  


Frequently asked questions-

Q1- Why this flour is expensive as compared to other flours available in market?

A1- Firstly, this flour is prepared grinding the sustainably grown barley only. Secondly, natural/raw stones are used to prepare this flour. These stones rotate at very low RPM, without generating heat in the flour, saving all nutrition. Natural/raw stones' grinding yield is less as compared to emery (synthetic) stones, and they are very difficult to maintain.


Q2- Can we consume Jau Ka Aata for Diabetes?

A2- Yes. It is a suitable product for most of the Diabetic patients.