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Stone Grounded Chai Masala

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All spices used are sustainably grown, naturally dried and stone grounded in small batches to prepare this authentic and organic chai masala. No machines are involved in the entire production process. This product is 100% natural and has no color, additives, aroma or binders.


The authentic 'Chai' denotes a strong tea brewed with spices. Early on, drink prepared using this masala is believed to be called as an Ayurvedic drink by many Vaidyas.  


Powdered blend of Cloves, Cardamom, Black Pepper, Ginger, Rose petals, Black Bardamom, Cinnamon, Fennel, Basil.


1/4 of tea spoon of this Authentic Chai Masala Powder (for each 65 ml tea cup/kullad) along with any tea leaves in the boiling water is extremely satisfactory. For strong taste, it can be added more. Add ASAVI's sustainably grown sugarcane jaggery powder after pouring in cup/kullad as sweetener for a healthier 'Chai' with better taste. 


This product can easily be stored for up to 12 months in an airtight container at ambient temperatures.  


Given its antioxidants properties, this product is believed to lower heart disease risk by reducing insufficient cholesterol levels and beeping blood pressure. It also controls respiratory issues, prevents diabetes, improves sleep disorders, improves digestion, and aids in living a stress-free life. Get the best Chai Masala Online at Asavi.


Frequently asked questions-

Q1- What is so special about this Chai Masala?

A1- Some of the best sustainably grown spices are naturally dried and then stone grounded manually for hours to prepare this masala. All nutrition and aroma from spices are sustained, bringing the natural essence of masala. 


Q2- Does this chai masala powder improve building immunity as well?

A2- The spices this chai masala has, improve health and stress levels in various ways. However, we recommend using our Immunity Booster to people who want to focus specifically on their immunity development.