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Stone Grounded Dahi Ka Masala

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A very flavorful Indian digestive spice blend made from nine of the healthiest sustainably grown spices. It is a 100% natural product which has no chemicals, color, aroma, additives or binders. 


Nine healthful spices which doctors, dietitians and vaidyas recommend to add to your meals to keep digestion running smoothly are lightly roasted and stonegrounded in small batches. The right blend is formulated keeping in mind consumers' health issues (specifically bodies which are anti-salt-resistant) therefore, NO SALT has been added to this product. You can buy the authentic Organic Chat Masala Online from this store. 


Powdered blend of Fennel, Cumin, Myrobalan, Carrom Seeds, Mint, Black Pepper, Mustard, Coriander and Asafoetida. 


Asavi suggests a portion (5 gm) per glass (200 ml) of Chhach/Lassi/Buttermilk. It can be used as per the taste and quantity of other curd items being prepared.  


This is one of the best Chat Masala can be easily stored for up to 6 months in an airtight container at ambient temperatures. 


This blend has several healthful spices including pure 'Hing' which is the finest in the world. It has traditionally being using in curing asthma, bronchitis, whooping cough, intestinal parasites, ulcer, stomach ache, epilepsy, flatulence, weak digestion, spasms and influenza. It is also utilized in the control of variety of issues, including unwanted pregnancy, unusual pain, sterility, difficult and excessive menstruation, and leucorrhoea.


Frequently asked questions-

Q1- Does it have color/chemicals added? 

A1- There is no artificial color/chemical added to this product or any other product of ASAVI. It has been prepared naturally on an iron pot and has been stone pelted for hours to retain its nutritional value.  


Q2- Few products like Harr/Harad and Asafoetida are difficult to identify in their purity. How does Asavi control their quality?

A2- ASAVI either controls their production or procures them from reliable sources only after getting them tested from FSSAI accredited labs. Strict quality control procedures are followed for every single product which ASAVI uses inside its manufacturing unit.