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Handcrafted Pure Jaggery Powder

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This 'superfood sweetener' is made from sugarcane sustainably grown in Uttar Pradesh. Its is a 100% natural product which has no chemicals, color, aroma, additives or binders. 


ASAVI's sustainably grown sugarcanes are crushed and the juice is brought to boil using natural techniques- particularly sugarcane bagasse to remove impurities in large iron pot. Every precaution is taken to avoid burning of the nutritious molasses in it. No color, chemicals are added to beautify the pure jaggery powder, instead kept 'as-it-is' for its honest appearance. It is then sun dried, handcrafted with care for its consumption. 


It is one of the best alternatives of sugar available for any food or drink item. It is also used for making traditional alcoholic drinks. 


This product can be easily stored for up to 12 months in an airtight container at ambient temperatures. It is recommended to be refrigerated in extreme summers. 


It improves digestive health (stimulating bowel movements), prevents anemia (iron in non-centrifugal sugars like jaggery powder are more likely used by the body than other sources), boosts energy levels.  


Frequently asked questions-

Q1- Does it have color/chemicals added? Because most of the jaggery powders are colored to make them look light brown. 

A1- There is no artificial color/chemical added to either of the jaggery powders of ASAVI. Native Uttar Pradesh variety of sugarcane is used to prepare organic jaggery powder using traditional methods. No color, artificial cleaning agents are used. 


Q2- What is 'handcrafted' in pure jaggery powders?

A2- Sugarcane juice is taken out from the cauldron and cooled naturally. It is then sun dried, crushed and transformed into granular form manually. There is no machine used in the entire production process. 

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