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Stone Grounded Coriander Powder

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Coriander- 'The Wealthy Healthy Plant' is grown in Uttar Pradesh without using any harmful chemicals or fertilizers. Seeds are used to prepare aromatic and healthy organic Dhaniya powder. No machines are involved in the entire production process. This product is 100% natural and has no color, additives, aroma or binders.


Coriander/Dhania is an aromatic spice that is extensively found and stocked up in almost all kitchen cabinets throughout the globe. In Ayurveda, it has been known as ‘Kustumbur’ which means a herb that alleviates various diseases. This organic coriander powder is carefully prepared using natural stones only. 


Coriander powder 


This traditional herb has found its way in several Indian cuisines, pickles, vegetable curries, or as spice mixes used for 'tadka' in sambar or dal. It has a unique taste that enhances the flavor of several cuisines.


This product can easily be stored for up to 6 months in an airtight container at ambient temperatures. 


Its antioxidant properties effectively help cleanse heavy metals and toxic agents from the body, acting as the 'clean-up crew' that counteracts the damaging effects of poor nutrition, pollution, and stress. It builds up immunity with two great immunity boosting nutrients - vitamin A and vitamin C. Its medicinal properties help treat allergy, burning micturition (burning sensation while passing urine) and allergic dermatitis. It also supports the blood coagulation process and prevents anemia due to high contents of Vitamin K and iron respectively.

Frequently asked questions-

Q1- What is so special about this Coriander Masala?

A1- The best and 'native' variety of natural Coriander Powder is naturally dried and then stone grounded manually for hours to prepare this masala. All nutrition and aroma from spices are sustained, bringing the natural essence of masala. 


Q2- Does this Coriander powder have artificial color?

A2- It is a 100% natural product and the Powder has nothing but the purest native varieties of crushed seeds at balanced temperatures.