India's First Stonemade Food Store. We are third generation family farmers and nutrition experts, just like you all have the concept of family doctors. ASAVI is an innovative as well as traditional farming company taking a different path, moving towards an agri-system that is more sustainable- environmentally, economically and socially. ASAVI has decades of experience in nutritional-science hence it invests heavily on R&D of producing the best quality foods. We also train fellow farmers in capacity building and in nutritional related topics for improving agriculture productivity. ASAVI's main objective of setting up itself is to make available to the world, wealth of native foods. 




1. Going Back to Basics along with developing new systems and approaches to advance the agriculture transformation. The nature consists of all the materials-both physical and biological. ASAVI's role in relation to the natural system is to try understand it deeply and making use of it more efficiently with the help of technology and systems. 



2. Maintenance of native soil fertility is one of the pre-conditions of improving the nutrition and crop yield levels. The basic principle of maintaining the fertility status of the soil under 'High Intensity Crop Production System' is to replenish those nutrients that are removed from the fields. For instance, Nitrogen is lost from the soil through volatization and leaching. The soil in India being in the sub-tropical region is rarely sufficient in Nitrogen. Therefore, Nitrogen is applied in adequate quantities to the crops. ASAVI always calculates the input-output balance of Nitrogen. 



3. In India 2014 alone, 32 million children had never been to school. Reservation of seats, right to education are some of the many great initiatives that have been taken by the Government of INDIA. ASAVI is forming a parallel system with the same objective but different approach by collaborating with several schools to provide education, stationary and books, clothes and other essential items and services directly to the underprivileged pockets of the nation. 



4. According to NSSO (National Sample Survey Office), only 13% of the farmers of INDIA have land holdings of 2 hectares and above, 20% of the farmers have land holdings between 2 hectares and 1 hectare. Nearly 30% have between 0.4 hectare and 1 hectare, while 31% have less than 0.4 hectare. The average monthly household income has just reached Rs. 8931 (USD 122 approximate)- survey conducted by NABARD. Knowing that there are two main crop reasons- Kharif and Rabi which make it possible to cultivate 2 crops minimum on the same piece of land, ASAVI along with its fellow farmers does crop rotation with the help of efficient irrigation and technology methods. It does and advocates fellow farmers to produce own sustainable pest controllers and compost, automated irrigation control and security systems, effective management of livestock and infrastructure to boost income.