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Stone Grounded Mathania Chilli Powder

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Mathania Red Chilli, known for its bright red color is sustainably grown in Rajasthan. This product is naturally processed and single filtered. No machines are involved in the entire production process. It is 100% natural product with no color, chemicals, additive or aroma.


Known for its freshness, quality and bright red color, Mathania Red Chilli has a moderate heat level, unlike other varieties which allows the flavor of the chilli to shine through without overpowering the dish. 


Mathania Red Chilli Powder


Laal Maas (Red Goat Curry) has been the most famous dishes made from Mathania Mirch (Red Chilli) for centuries. Red Chilli Garlic dip is also one of the famous dips used in traditional Rajasthani cuisines. 


Mathania Red Chilli Powder can easily be stored in an airtight container for up to 12 months.


Naturally grown chillies are loaded with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. They improve brain function and enhance cognitive performance. Red Chilli contains a compound called Capsaicin- which is believed to reduce the risk of cancers in Prostate & Lungs. 

Frequently asked questions-

Q1- What is so special about Mathania Red Chilli?

A1- Rajasthan's history and culture is still represented by its cuisine and food which is renowned globally. Since centuries, many famous traditional dishes of Rajasthan are being prepared using 'Mathania Red Chilli' (Chillies which Marwar is known for).


Q2- Most of the red chillies have red color in them? Have you use any color to brighten this Red Chilli Powder?

A2- This Red Chilli is naturally grown without the use of any harmful chemicals. It is harvested and stonegrounded in small batches without using any color, aroma or additives.