Social responsibility

ASAVI has strong connections with orphanages, old age homes and labor camp schools across Northern India. It has teamed up with several associations of schools and most importantly, 'VaaniKavachh', an NGO which delivers fresh food, stationary items and books to underprivileged children.

During extreme weather conditions, shelter assistance is also provided to needy pockets of the State. It also helps adult family members of associated organizations get jobs in close vicinities. The day to day demands of farm work often leaves little or no time for planning. ASAVI helps enable the farmer think better, develop their vision mission and set medium/longer term goals for their farm and family. It helps build attitude and commitment to their goals. ASAVI not only is present responsibly through its NGO channel but also it encourages fellow farmers for sustainable farming methods. It has jointly worked with several bio-fertilizer companies which help them distribute good quality inputs for the farms. ASAVI operates in three regions along with approximately 100 small and medium farmers in Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab. It coaches the farmers twice every season and monitors their practices individually. A detailed farm assessment chart is given to each farmer which helps ASAVI train and focus of each farm efficiently.