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Stone Grounded Sattu

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Original Organic Sattu in the most natural form is nothing but 'lightly roasted desi chana powder/flour'. It is a 100% natural product which has no chemicals, color, aroma, additives or binders. 


Desi Chana is sustainably grown and brought to the farms of Asavi. They are lightly roasted in an iron pot and then brought to cool naturally. Without removing their shell, they are stone grounded by natural stones to retain their nutritional value. No other flour, grain has been added to this product to make it 'soft', rather kept in its natural state. Get the best Sattu Online here and ensure lot of benefits.

P.S- We often start preparing this product after we receive order so that you get fresh flour every time you order. It also sustains more on your kitchen shelves. 


Roasted Gram flour


Sattu is one of the best Gluten Free options for those who want to keep their Diabetes in control or are health conscious. Original Organic Sattu drinks are some of the best refreshers to keep you hydrated and energetic throughout the summer days.


This product can be easily stored for up to 6 months in an airtight container at ambient temperatures.


Having Sattu on an empty stomach in the morning is considered to do wonders for the body. It helps the digestive tract function properly. The salt, iron and fibre found in our pure Organic Chana Sattu reduces stomach-related issues and improves bowel movement. It also flushes out toxins from your body, keeps your body cool.  It also helps in weight loss and improving appetite.

Frequently asked questions-

Q1- Does it have color/chemicals added? 

A1- There is no artificial color/chemical added to this product or any other product of ASAVI. It has been prepared naturally in an iron pot and has been stonegrounded for hours to retain its nutritional value.  


Q2- Many brands add other flours like wheat, besan in Sattu to make it soft? Have you added anything in it?

A2- ASAVI never believes in changing the natural state of any product, be it spice, flour, pulses or sweeteners. No other flour has been added to this product. This is a 100% pure roasted desi chana flour.