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Stone Grounded Jowar Flour

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The Pride of Uttar Pradesh- Jowar is grown sustainably and stone grounded in small batches with traditional Chakki. It is a 100% natural product which has no chemicals, color, aroma, additives or binders. 


Desi Jowar/Sorghum Millet is sustainably grown and brought to the grinding unit of Asavi. When sorted and cleaned naturally, it is stone grounded by natural stones to retain its nutritional value. No other flour, grain has been added to this product to give it a 'rich' look, rather kept in its natural state. 

P.S- We often start preparing this product after we receive order so that you get fresh flour every time you order. It also sustains more on your kitchen shelves.


Sorghum/Jowar Flour


Roti, Khichdi, Upma, Dosa, Poori and Ladoos made from Jowar are the most favorite food items of Indians around the globe.


This product can be easily stored for up to 3 months in an airtight container at ambient temperatures.


This gluten-free, fiber rich, diabetic friendly, protein packed, essential minerals loaded flour promotes health of bones, helps you lose weight, preserves the health of digestive system. It is a great source of proteins for vegetarians and vegans and is extremely rich in antioxidants.


Frequently asked questions-

Q1- Why this flour is expensive as compared to other flours available in market?

A1- Firstly, this flour is prepared grinding the sustainably grown Sorghum Millet only. Secondly, natural/raw stones are used to prepare this flour. These stones rotate at very low RPM, without generating heat in the flour, saving all nutrition. Natural/raw stones' grinding yield is less as compared to emery (synthetic) stones, and they are very difficult to maintain.


Q2- Many brands add other flours like wheat to make it soft? Have you added anything in it?

A2- ASAVI never believes in changing the natural state of any product, be it spice, flour, pulses or sweeteners. No other flour has been added to this product. This is a 100% pure Jowar Aata.